ZEBOOSE.COM is a one-stop philatelic superstore specialising in Great Britain and Commonwealth stamps, proofs, covers, and artwork issued during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. From classic rarities to contemporary releases, spanning Aden to Zululand, there's everything from the ubiquitous to the unique. Discover an exceptional mix of outstanding material, including better singles, sets, plate blocks, unusual varieties, and spectacular errors. All this in an unrivalled shopping environment. Search. Choose. Buy. It's that easy. That fast. And absolutely secure.

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Stock is constantly being added (and sold). The dynamic nature of this site means it's impossible to guarantee availability of material from all countries and all reigns. If you can't find what you're after, call, email or send in your Wants List. We'll do all we can to help.

ZEBOOSE.COM stands for Simplicity, SecurityService and Satisfaction. And mercifully not Zimplicity, Zecurity, Zervice and Zatisfaction... Well, there is a limit to the 'Z' thing!

Simplicity. The site has been designed to be fast, fluid and functional, but most importantly intuitive and easy to use.

Security. Enjoy peace of mind and absolute confidence when ordering online thanks to the site's use of secure socket layer (SSL) technology to ensure a safe shopping environment.

Service. Quality images and descriptions help you make an informed purchasing decision. Further guidance is an email or phone call away.

Satisfaction. We want you back. So we're always listening to ensure the Zeboose experience continues to exceed your expectations

Zany and Richard Monteiro. But who's the boss?

ZEBOOSE.COM was established in 2012 by Richard Monteiro who spent the 1990s publishing video games, internet and consumer technology magazines, and the 'noughties' researching and writing about various philatelic topics for GSM, Stamp Magazine and other publications. Under the pseudonym Tom Pierron, he published Pierron's Modern Great Britain Errors & Varieties in 2005 and Pierron's Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors in 2007. 

ZEBOOSE.COM is anything but the usual. It's the combination of 'Zebra' and 'Moose' which, as well as being magnificently memorable, results in an extraordinary-looking beastie. No doubt you've already met Zany... But don't let our looks deceive – we're serious about stamps, security, customer service and satisfaction. Don't take out word for it. Read Customer Reviews independently compiled by Trusted Shops.

Enjoy! And visit often as new material is constantly being offered – everything from classic rarities to contemporary releases.

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